What is myfxview - how to use and safety

This tool was developed
to solve the following problems

  • I want to check my profits quickly
  • I want to see the total profit of multiple accounts on a graph
  • I want to share my grades more easily

How to use

This tool retrieves data based on the API provided by myfxbook. Therefore, it is necessary to create a myfxbook account in advance.

Since the information that can be viewed is limited to the information provided by the API, it may not be suitable for checking details, but it is useful when you want to check your earnings easily.

This tool is created as a web application called PWA. Please add it to the home screen of your smartphone and try a different experience from the traditional website.

About safety

This tool does not retain any user information. Account information at the time of sign-in is stored only on your device.

Since myfxbook information is not retained, you can use it, for example, you do not want to publish myfxbook URL but want to share your grades.

Your account information will not be known to other users or the tool administrator, so you can use it with confidence.

Author of the tool

I'm trading Forex using Expert Advisors(EA). Click here for blog and Twitter.